Issue 7

Issue 7


Text has a wonderful plasticity to it—an agile ability to float around its subject, honing in or sometimes wafting through…So, how do we as writers approach art writing through the lens of our political reality?…What can art do to expose, understand, or wade within this ever-changing space? Is all art political? Does it have to be? With people marching in the streets, how does a pencil to paper or brush to canvas register impact?…As writers, critics, artists, and citizens, we urge you to engage with us as we wade through the complications that critical discourse might incite. Nothing worth having comes easily.

–Lindsay Preston Zappas, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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Generous Structures
–Catherine Wagley

Put on a Happy Face:
On Dynasty Handbag
–Travis Diehl

The Limits of Animality:
Simone Forti at ISCP
(L.A. in N.Y.)
–Ikechukwu Casmir Onyewuenyi

More Wound than Ruin:
Evaluating The Human Condition
–Jessica Simmons

Interview with Zoe Barcza
–Keith J. Varadi

Exquisite L.A.
Featuring: Brenna Youngblood,
Todd Gray, and Rafa Esparza
–Claressinka Anderson
& Joe Pugliese

at the Broad
–Thomas Duncan

Sam Pulitzer & Peter Wächtler
at House of Gaga // Reena Spaulings
–Stuart Krimko

Karl Haendel
at Susanne Vielmetter
–Aaron Horst

Wolfgang Tillmans
at Regen Projects
–Eli Diner

at Château Shatto
–Claire de Dobay Rifelj

The Rat Bastard
Protective Association

at the Landing
–Pablo Lopez