Issue 12

Issue 12


This issue…delves into themes of connectedness, which also implies its opposite: disconnection. We explore links between community and isolation, ambiguity and clarity, and the blurriness that exists amidst these perceived opposites. While we’re there (in this raw state of ambiguity), why not look around, stay a minute, and attempt to forge new connections…In doing so, we may break down some of our perceived binaries, and discover that in fact clarity can be a dangerous state of existence.

–Lindsay Preston Zappas, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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Poetic Energies
and Radical Celebrations:
Senga Nengudi
and Maren Hassinger
–Simone Krug

Invisible States of the Art
–Travis Diehl

Perennial Bloom:
Florals in Feminism and Across L.A.
–Angella d’Avignon

The Mess We’re In
–Catherine Wagley

Interview with
Christina Quarles
–Ashton Cooper

Object Project
Featuring: Suné Woods,
Michelle Dizon, and Yong Soon Min
–Lindsay Preston Zappas
& Jeff McLane

Meleko Mokgosi
at The Fowler Museum at UCLA
–Jessica Simmons

Chris Kraus
at Château Shatto
–Aaron Horst

Ben Sanders
at Ochi Projects
–Matt Stromberg

iris yirei hsu
at the Women’s Center
for Creative Work
–Hana Cohn

Harald Szeemann
at the Getty Research Institute
–Olivian Cha

Ali Prosch
at Bed and Breakfast
–Jennifer Remenchik

Reena Spaulings
at Matthew Marks
–Thomas Duncan