Issue 2

Issue 2


Criticism is a prickly thing. Negative opinions are often perceived as unruly, threatening to disturb the consistency of an editorial enterprise. But, they are also intellectually, creatively, and ethically essential. Criticism can’t want to be easy; or it risks making even the best art so…I hope to sidestep these musty qualifiers (positive/negative) ascribed to criticism, and the precarity of the critic’s role, by simply being honest.

–Lindsay Preston Zappas, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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Hot Tears
–Carmen Winant

Slow View:
Molly Larkey
–Anna Breininger and Kate Whitlock

Americanicity's Paintings:
Orion Martin
at Favorite Goods
–Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal

Layers of Leimert Park
–Catherine Wagley

Junkspace Junk Food:
Parker Ito
at Kaldi, Smart Objects,
White Cube, and Château Shatto
–Evan Moffitt

Melrose Hustle
–Keith Vaughn

Max Maslansky Photographs
Monica Majoli
at the Tom of Finland Foundation

White Lee, Black Lee:
William Pope.L's Reenactor
–Travis Diehl

Dora Budor Interview
–Char Jansen

Mary Reid Kelley
at The Hammer
–Benjamin Lord

Tongues Untied
at MOCA Pacific Design Center
–Aaron Horst

(L.A. in Berlin)
No Joke
at Tanya Leighton
–Stephen Kent

Jenny Gagalka

Snap Reviews:
Martin Basher at Anat Ebgi,
Body Parts I–V at ASHES/ASHES,
Eve Fowler at Mier Gallery, and
Matt Siegle at Park View

Letter to the Editor