Issue 3

Issue 3


In these pages, the human body is depicted in crisis, in pain, in a state of dysfunction; but also in a state of rejuvenation, celebration, and pleasure…While many of the essays featured discuss the body directly…others speak to the ability of inanimate objects, installations, or architectures to function in a way that mirrors the human form…Join us this issue in glorifying, dissecting, and re-imagining the body in all of its vulnerabilities and fortitudes.

–Lindsay Preston Zappas, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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Le Louvre, Las Vegas
–Evan Moffitt

iPhones, Flesh,
and the Word:
at Arturo Bandini
–Lindsay Preston Zappas

Women Talking
About Barney
–Catherine Wagley

Lingua Ignota:
Faith Wilding
at The Armory Center for the Arts
–Benjamin Lord

A Conversation
with Amalia Ulman
–Char Jansen

How We Practice
–Carmen Winant

Share Your Piece
of the Puzzle
–Frederica Bueti

Amanda Ross-Ho Photographs
Erik Frydenborg

at Michael Thibault
–Eli Diner

Fred Tomaselli
at California State University, Fullerton
–Jonathan Griffin

Trisha Donnelly
at Matthew Marks Gallery
–Don Edler

Bradford Kessler
–Aaron Horst