Issue 4

Issue 4


As our privacy becomes increasingly threatened through the public personas we project on the web, how do we maintain a sense of authentic experience (of self and in relation to others)?…Perhaps spurred by these questions, certain artists are invoking a messy blend of life and art, pushing the boundaries between public and private (or real and fake) by simply erasing them. How can a space be private if there is no wall to hide behind?

–Lindsay Preston Zappas, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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Moon, laub, and Love
–Catherine Wagley

Walk Artisanal
–Jonathan Griffin

Marva Marrow’s
Inside the L.A. Artist
–Anthony Pearson

Mystery Science Thater:
Diana Thater
–Aaron Horst

Informal Feminisms
–Federica Bueti & Jan Verwoert

Marva Marrow Photographs
Lita Albuquerque

Interiors and Interiority:
Njideka Akunyili Crosby
–Char Jansen

L.A. Art Fairs
–Claire de Dobay Rifelj

Material Art Fair
Mexico City
—Matt Stromberg

Rain Room
—Hana Cohn

Evan Holloway
at David Kordansky
—Lindsay Preston Zappas

Histories of a Vanishing
Present: A Prologue

at The Mistake Room
–Simone Krug

(L.A. in S.F.)
Carter Mull
at fused space
—Keith Vaughn

(L.A. in N.Y.)
Awol Erizku
at FLAG Art Foundation
—Ikechukwu Casmir