Issue 14

Issue 14


This issue, we feature artists who are bridge builders: between genres; between political vantage points; between modes of representation. In the midst of a political system that increasingly mirrors reality television, striving towards bridge building is a productive way forward, even if it is not always clean, understandable, or even successful.

–Lindsay Preston Zappas, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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Celeste Dupuy-Spencer
And Figurative Religion
–Catherine Wagley

Lynch in Traffic
–Travis Diehl

The Remixed Symbology
of Nina Chanel Abney
–Lindsay Preston Zappas

Interview with
Kulapat Yantrasast
–Christie Hayden

Exquisite L.A.
Featuring: Sandra de la Loza,
Gloria Galvez, and Steve Wong
–Claressinka Anderson
& Joe Pugliese

Raúl de Nieves
at Freedman Fitzpatrick
–Aaron Horst

Gertrud Parker
at Parker Gallery
–Ashton Cooper

Robert Yarber
at Nicodim Gallery
–Jonathan Griffin

Nikita Gale
at Commonwealth & Council
–Simone Krug

Lari Pittman
at Regen Projects
–Matt Stromberg

(L.A. in N.Y.)
Eckhaus Latta
at the Whitney Museum
of American Art
–Angella d’Avignon