Issue 16

Issue 16


We think of the beast—or our own instinctive human nature—as being somewhat bad,” artist Trulee Hall explained on a Carla podcast recording… ”So society and self-consciousness tries to fight off the beast inside of you. But I don’t think of it like a villain/hero situation. I think of it as two parts of the same thing.

Across this issue, we delve into this multiplicity, and its potential to become beastly… It’s easier to pigeonhole, to assign something or someone to a caricatured category, rather than try to invent a new category, or ditch the categories all together.

–Lindsay Preston Zappas, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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Trulee Hall’s
Untamed Magic

–Catherine Wagley

Ingredients for
a Braver Art Scene

–Ceci Moss

I Shit on Your Graves
–Travis Diehl

Interview with Ruby Neri
–Jonathan Griffin

Carolee Schneemann and
The Art of Saying Yes!

–Chelsea Beck

Exquisite L.A.
Featuring: Harry Gamboa Jr.,
Gala Porras Kim, and
Carolina Caycedo
–Claressinka Anderson
& Joe Pugliese


Ry Rocklen
at Honor Fraser
–Cat Kron

Rob Thom
at M+B
–Lindsay Preston Zappas

Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age
of Black Power, 1963–1983

at The Broad
–Matt Stromberg

Anna Sew Hoy & Deidrick Brackens
at Various Small Fires
–Aaron Horst

Julia Haft-Candell & Suzan Frecon
at Parrasch Heijnen
–Jessica Simmons

(L.A. in N.Y.)
Shahryar Nashat
at Swiss Institute
–Christie Hayden